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Our goal is to help you maximize the full potential of your body through training while creating an environment that promotes a positive experience with movement. Better movement gives you more freedom. 

K.MINA Training is dedicated to continuing education to ensure that our clients have access to the latest training methods for fitness and athletic performance. This means that your training will never go stale and your progress will continually evolve as we stay up to date with the latest research from both the health and athletic industries.  

Certification & Continuing Education


  • American Academy of Personal Training

  • Focus Personal Training Institute

  • Running Mechanics Professional Level 1

  • Running Mechanics Professional Level 2

  • FRCMs

  • FRAs

  • Training the Pregnant & Postpartum Client

  • USSF License D

Continuing Education: 

  • Running Mechanics Professional Level 1 Foundations & Level 2 MED, Derek Hansen (2021)

  • Dynamic Speed & Agility, Lee Taft (2021)

  • Strong First Kettlebell Certification, Yoana Teran (2020)

  • First Principles of Movement: Creating the Precision Program, Dr. Craig Liebenson, Dr. Ryan Chow, (2020)

  • Sustainable Athletic Development for EXOS, Dr. Craig Liebenson, Rachel Balkovec, Artemis Scantalides & Bob Alejo (2019). 

  • Developing the Foundation: Rehab & Performance Basics, Dr. Craig Liebenson & Nicole Rodriguez (2019).

  • Human Performance Applications, Dr. Craig Liebenson & Nicole Rodriguez (2019).

  • The Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence, Allan MacDonald (2019).

  • First Principles of Movement, Dr. Craig Liebenson (2018).

  • Core Training from Elementary to Elite, Shane Fitzgibbon (2018).

  • Isometric-Eccentric Training for the Running Based Athlete, Alex Natera (2018).

  • Coaching the Alpha- Long Term Strength & Power Development, Alex Natera (2018).

  • Means & Methods of Eccentric Training, Mike Young (2018).

  • Integrating Multi-directional Movement Skills, James Baker (2018). 

  • Functional Range Release, Dr. Michael Chivers (2017).

  • Medical Exercise Specialist, Dr. Michael Jones (2017). 

  • Orthopedic Aspects of Triathlon Injuries, Dr. Mark Klion (2016)

  • Polar Technology and Heart Rate Variability in Training, Dave DiFabio (2016)

  • The Use of ART in Movement, Dr. Andrew Park (2016)

  • Arthrokinematics and Self Joint Mobilization, Dr. Ryan Chow (2016)

  • Joint Friendly Strength Training, Nick Tuminnello (2016)

  • Functional Training, Juan Carlos Santana (2016)

  • Interval Training for Clients and Athletes, Mike Boyle (2016)

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